Looms are made to order - prices subject to change
Please allow two to three weeks for delivery of your order

Looms are hand made, expect slight differences

Small looms for learning or special projects
student loom

Made from a single piece of Pine

12 inch triangle - $ 25.00
       - Large, Medium, Small nail spacings
17 inch triangle - $ 35.00
       - Student loom

Medium sized looms for your special projects
3 foot loom

sample prices
subject to change

18 inch triangle - pine
       - $  40.00
24 inch triangle - oak
       - $  80.00
36 inch triangle - oak
       - $110.00
48 inch triangle - oak
       - $135.00

Slightly higher prices for custom nail spacing - Contact us for quotes on looms

For information about available nail spacing see Loom Information

Rectangular looms - length must be a multiple of the width
rectangle loom

square loom

                       sample prices
$ 135.00 - 7.75 x 55.25 inches - 32 x 222 nails
$ 110.00 - 7.25 x 44.25 inches - 30 x 178 nails
$   50.00 - 13 inch square         - 53 x 53 nails
$   75.00 - 18 inch square         - 73 x 73 nails
               Prices subject to change

Tri-pod stands:
      6 foot - $110.00
      other sizes available

different shaped loom

Triangle, rectangle, and diamond shaped looms may be ordered to match sides for quilters or others who desire to piece fabric together

When ordering, specify the desired size, shape, and nail spacing.   See Loom Information.

Prices are as of March 2018 and are subject to change
Prices will vary depending on the cost of the wood

Shipping extra (not included)

Looms are assembled and adjusted
Large or bulky looms may be disassembled for shipping
Reassembly requires only a Phillips screwdriver

Our detailed and illustrated instructions to build a loom are available
$ 15.00 postage included.

Please contact us with any questions.
lenore @ lenorej.com


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